Helping Organizations Create, Develop and Build Cultures of Respect

Our Programs

Institute Of Respect offers six core programs

These programs cultivate the power of respect. Each of our programs is tailored to fit your specific situation, needs and desired outcomes.

We get to know you, the challenges you’re facing, and what you want to achieve, then we customize our services so you get the results you want.

Helping Organizations Create, Develop and Build Cultures of Respect

Difficult Conversations

Pretend you received a voice message this morning on your way to work that went something like this: “Hey, I’m calling to give you a heads-up about a huge conflict in your department today. Everyone is angry and in an uproar about something. Better hurry and get here to try to diffuse the situation!”

Academic Leadership

We believe that universities need outstanding leadership at all levels in order to foster excellence in learning, scholarship, and public service. Our program is to help new and experienced academic leaders strengthen the skills that will help them build great institutions.

Executive Coaching

If you are looking for an edge that will help you develop and retain desirable executives, increase performance and productivity and achieve both qualitative and quantitative improvements, consider Executive Coaching.

Collaborating With Respect

How willing are you to collaborate with someone who is egocentric, judgmental, condescending and who refuses to listen? If you’re like most of us, the answer is “Not at all.” Yet collaboration has become increasingly important to achieve personal and professional success in today’s business climate.

Leading With Respect

Establishing genuine respect is the first step in every personal and professional relationship. This program helps you create respect-based relationships with colleagues and associates to inspire them to contribute ideas…

Respect-based Teams

Take your team to the next level with one of our dynamic teambuilding workshops, uniquely tailored for each group. Whether you want to roll up your sleeves and pick up a paintbrush, play fun-filled experiential games or perform a Broadway musical, we have an event that is perfect for your team’s needs.

Respect Principles in Motion – RPiM Model®

All of our programs include instruction in the RPiM Model®. RPiM is a six-step, proven method for facilitating conversations, strengthening relationships, decision making and for finding the best solutions to your organization’s most challenging problems. RPiM is also an essential tool in collaborating with your clients and colleagues, enabling you to be a true partner to them and adding value to your mutual success.

"Working with Dennis unlocked my potential as a leader in a way no formal course, framework or mentor-ship from well-known colleague could. As my role shifted to leading a larger, more diverse team, I tripped on leadership hurdles I didn't clearly see or understand. Rather than looking to the next book on leadership, Dennis guided my self-reflection with an applied focus on my experience, struggles and successes. Through direct, authentic and compassionate dialogue, Dennis and I explored my strengths and areas where "more of" a virtue reinforced effective leadership. As a result of my work with Dennis, I'm a more positive, self-aware and kind leader who achieves higher-level results. My team has more clarity around our work's purpose and more opportunity for innovation and their own professional growth. Unexpectedly, I'm also a better husband and father. Ultimately, Dennis helped me understand that leadership is holistic. It's about everything I do every day with everyone."

I’m also a better husband and father,
Senior Vice President