Helping Organizations Create, Develop and Build Cultures of Respect

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Do your leaders

•    Embrace change?
•    Show appreciation?
•    Motivate or enable associates?
•    Provide clear expectations?
•    Hold themselves and others accountable?
•    Challenge colleagues?
•    Collaborate for greater results?
•    Lead difficult conversations?
•    Expect innovation?
•    Create trust?

If you are looking for an edge that will help you develop and retain desirable executives, increase performance and productivity and achieve both qualitative and quantitative improvements, consider Executive Coaching.

My coaching experience with him greatly improved my effectiveness. Even though I had significant experience and training in leadership prior to receiving coaching from Dennis, my coaching experience with him greatly improved my effectiveness. He was able to analyze specific leadership situations with me and challenge me to think through them in a structured way. We role played how interactions with employees might take place and what impact my discussions might have on the employee's thinking. Dennis always followed up with me to see what the results were and to plan next steps. It was this type of focus and follow through that developed my leadership skills to a great degree. Coaching with Dennis greatly developed my effectiveness as a leader.  

Senior Executive,

The focus of executive coaching today is on the future. Candidates are no longer those in need of remediation, but high potential employees who value the opportunity to improve personally and contribute meaningfully to the organization.

This leadership development strategy incorporates multi-phased methodology that integrates one-on-one sessions and real life execution. The program teaches managers and executives to lead with their principles and inspire and influence others.

"He coached our staff and helped us build trust with one other. We had a number of problems in our department that affected our morale and our performance. Our staff didn't trust one another, we didn't communicate, we blamed each other for any problems, and were embroiled in personality conflicts. Some of us hadn't talked to one another for over a year. When Dennis first started coaching me I wasn't sure he could help me change my behaviors that were creating some of the problems. The more I worked with him the more I realized he was my advocate and a trusted ally and that he had the skills to help me see how I was contributing to the interpersonal tensions in our department. And more importantly, he helped me develop new skills to communicate effectively, to develop respectful relationships, to interact without intimidating co-workers, and to work through the typical day-to-day differences without allowing every disagreement to deteriorate into a battle. Over the next couple of months he coached our staff and helped us build trust with one other, resolve our differences constructively, begin working as a real team, and significantly improve our performance and customer service. Through our work with Dennis our department became known as a team of high performing professionals that our organization can rely on."  

Skills to communicate effectively,
IT Manager

It builds emotional intelligence, including self-awareness and self regulation and facilitates the development of leadership attributes such as:

•    Trust
•    Empathy
•    Compassion
•    Communication
•    Confidence
•    Effective conflict resolution
•    Relationship  skills
•    Motivation
•    Decision making

This program is designed to generate outcomes including:

•    Engaged employees
•    Enhanced interpersonal skills
•    Superior performance
•    Heightened awareness of organizational culture
•    Strengthened capacity to innovate and lead  change
•    Minimized costs associated with turnover
•    Improved  client and colleague relationships
•    Enhanced collaboration

By investing in your top people through executive coaching, you can achieve tangible results. A survey by Association Resource Centre Inc. and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP discovered that the ROI for companies that invested in coaching was seven times the initial investment.

If you’re ready to improve your organizational culture and benefit your bottom line, investing in executive coaching is a smart choice.

Dennis provided training for 500 + employees. Dennis worked with Farm Credit Services of Mid America in 2009 to help loan officers, credit staff and organizational leaders understand the impact of what a possible looming credit crisis might have on both the customer and themselves. Dennis provided training for 500 + employees which included loan officers, credit staff, RVPs and central office leaders. The goal of the training was two-fold: to help loan officers and credit staff understand how to deal with the impact of stress on their customers due to the possible economic decline of their businesses and how to keep that stress from impacting the performance of their jobs and their relationships with each other. Feedback remarks and training evaluation responses from leaders, loan officers and credit staff were unanimous: this training was one of the best that our organization had provided them and they felt that they had received skills that they could actually use within their roles not only during adverse times but for the good times as well. Because each training group was a mixture of leaders, loan officers and credit staff, Dennis helped guide the conversations and training exercises in such a way that each group was better able to understand the stresses of each job role and how important collegiality is for our organization.  

VP Training and Development,