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Leading Difficult Conversations

Leading Difficult Conversations

Pretend you received a voice message this morning on your way to work that went something like this:
“Hey, I’m calling to give you a heads-up about a huge conflict in your department today. Everyone is angry and in an uproar about something. Better hurry and get here to try to diffuse the situation!”

Under the circumstances, chances are ‘getting there’ is suddenly the last thing you want to do. After all, highly-charged situations as this that call for difficult conversations can be stressful, bewildering, anger-inducing, terrifying and even paralyzing. Even more, these negative feelings may trigger physical effects like racing hearts, panic attacks, trembling hands, sweating palms, nausea, rapid breathing, tight chests, constricted throats, and more.

Eliminate that undesirable scenario from your future by choosing the Leading Difficult Conversations alternative, a program that empowers participants to finesse tough conversations with colleagues, customers, subordinates, supervisors, partners and family members to achieve positive outcomes and preserve relationship integrity.

how to lead with uncompromising principles;

how to achieve mutually meaningful solutions;

how to strengthen communication, collaboration, empathy and relationships skills;

how to resolve differences with compassion;

how to lead with unhow to ask the ‘right’ questions;

how to accomplish your goals;

In the midst of a heated disagreement, rational thinking can easily go out the window. Opt instead to follow in the footsteps of the thousands of clients who have turned to the Leading Difficult Conversations program to provide a rock solid path to successful navigation of the turbulent waters.

The program is a six-step template of user friendly, tried-and-tested, easy to apply methods.

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