Helping Organizations Create, Develop and Build Cultures of Respect

Respect-Based Teams

Respect-Based Teams

We know what it takes to motivate and inspire teams—to  challenge them to give their best.

This program will help you fortify, strengthen and build a great team, resulting in clearer communication, increased creativity, more effective conflict management, and soaring performance.

Respect-Based Teams is a program that …

  • helps teams in distress work through and resolve interpersonal tension or leadership issues that on the surface seem overwhelming and intractable.
  • turns around bogged-down teams with low morale, by giving them the boost they need to get back on the right track and perform at higher levels.
  • strengthens teamwork and enables teams to reach new levels of performance.

Respect-Based Teams will help you create and build a great team. We help your team improve communication and collaboration, resolve differences constructively, make effective decisions, strengthen trust and boost creativity and performance.

"Dennis helped to rebuild a department that was struggling with a poor communication, low morale, tension and unresolved conflicts between some employees, and a high stress environment with significant legal liability. The new director had also inherited a department in distress. Dennis Morris provided the leadership with executive coaching to improve communication, strategic thinking, and department performance. Additionally, he worked with the team to strengthen performance, morale, and trust. The result was a significant improvement in the working environment and the overall performance of the team."

Inherited a department in distress,
Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Diversity and Professor of Sociology

"Dennis was hired to work with some of our most challenging departments at my prior University. When I arrived at that University my department was extremely distressed and had gone through multiple changes in executive leadership over the course of only a few years. Dennis worked with my team for almost four months and ultimately helped me turn the staff around to a productive and respected team. Since originally using Dennis, I have hired him to work at my current University to bring a functional department to a highly functional and powerful team. I can share, from experience, that he is someone you need to connect with to determine what he can do to help transform University departments."

Help transform University departments,
Director, Disability Services

So You Think You Can Lead© Team Work Event

Sweep your team out of the office and onto the dance floor where leadership and communication skills can take root to rise. Full of dance patterns and fluid footwork taught by dance professionals, this event equips teams with the knowhow to successfully manage workplace changes while dancing the night — or day — away!

Dance and work can be equally exciting environments to spur motivation and creativity, especially when things are running smoothly and a clear line of communication exists between leaders and their partners. On the dance floor, a good leader is aware of their partner’s competencies, strengths and opportunities to grow.

Our Certified facilitators ensure your team members carry that same awareness into their work environments, and no matter the industry or the team dynamic, our guidance helps to shape confident and clear leaders.

The Seven C’s of Leading

Because it naturally lends itself both to partnered dance and teambuilding, this workshop integrates The Seven C’s of Leading into its teambuilding format.

  • Competent: Whether you are leading a team or a dance partner, you need to know what you’re doing!
  • Confident: Being skillful is one piece of the puzzle but confidence is key to being a successful leader.
  • Compassion: Leaders that harbor and express compassion build trust, know how to listen and, in general, look out for their partner’s best interests.
  • Change: Great leaders pioneer change! They think strategically and innovatively, plan for the next dance move accordingly, and have fun.
  • Challenge: Accomplished leaders challenge teammates to think outside the box, take risks and achieve more than what was once expected.
  • Celebrate: Part of being a supportive, successful leader and dance partner means celebrating achievements with your team. Encouragement fuels those around you and there are countless ways to express it.
  • Close: Effective leaders acknowledge their partner’s contributions by showing appreciation and closing every work project or dance with a token of gratitude — it can be as simple as saying thank you!

How it Works

This fast-paced experiential dance program is designed to inspire cohesiveness among team members and foster the many layers of communication we use, often unknowingly, to interact with each other. Trust and respect are the name of the game when it comes to navigating change, and we can show you how those traits are developed on highly successful teams.

We offer a variety of dance styles that facilitate rotating partners so individuals can comfortably experience a range of interactions and dynamic relationships. Challenge and guide your team with this supportive and fun activity to encourage a peaceful work environment in times of change.

Depending on your needs, So You Think You Can Lead can be scheduled during work hours or arranged as an after-hours treat for your team. You are invited to supply wine, beer or cocktails to sweeten the pot for participants – we’ll bring the chocolates!


What’s included

• Certified facilitator
• Dance instructor
• Chocolates, to enhance your rhythm
• Option to provide alcohol

Group Size: 6-25

Program Length: Half-day or full-day

Location: A private room or meeting space large enough to seat the group, doubled.

Respect-Based Teams will help you create and build a great team.

Contact us today for more details on how Respect-Based Teams will take your team to new levels of productivity and performance.