Helping Organizations Create, Develop and Build Cultures of Respect


Helping Organizations Create, Develop and Build Cultures of Respect

We are executive coaches, educators, clinicians and research-based consultants who have worked as senior leaders, learning and development specialists, psychotherapists, facilitators and organizational development professionals developing cultures of respect internationally.

We’ll help you create respect-based, trustworthy relationships with every client and colleague so they see you as a vital partner in their lives.

You can count on us to look out for your best interests, and to deliver services that will solve problems, improve performance and grow your enterprise.

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Dennis Morris - Institute of Respect

Developing exceptional, innovative leaders and teams is Dennis Morris’ passion, and it’s what drives the work of his company, Institute Of Respect. Dennis is the creator of respect based learning programs that are tailored to help executives and managers understand the power of respect, and how it can be used to develop highly effective leaders and teams, resulting in more meaningful–and more prosperous–relationships with clients and colleagues. He was the first executive coach and consultant in the U.S. to offer respect based leadership programs such as Leading With Respect, Respect-Driven Communication and Coaching With Respect. Since 2010, respect has been the cornerstone and operating principle of his executive coaching and consulting practice.

As a coach and facilitator, Dennis helps executives and managers move beyond their own perceived limitations–to lead with their principles, increase their self-awareness and become exceptional leaders who achieve higher-level results. He specializes in working with professionals to escalate their skills by showing them ways to develop genuine, respect-centered connections–connections that clients come to perceive as critical to their long-term success. Dennis also works with teams that are struggling with interpersonal tensions and conflicts, enabling them to resolve these issues, recharge, and ultimately upgrade their performance and productivity.

The services Dennis offers draw on his 25 years of experience as a senior leader, executive coach, psychotherapist, mediator and educator. But what sets him apart from other consultants is his experience of more than a decade working in behavioral health before becoming a consultant. During that period Dennis was the Vice President of clinical programs in a behavioral health organization, where he provided services such as psychotherapy, substance abuse counseling and family and marital therapy.

As Vice President, he led a clinical team of psychotherapists, psychiatrists, caseworkers and nurses serving clients in five counties. Dennis also provided crisis intervention services to schools, businesses and health care institutions. In addition, he coordinated and managed consultation and behavioral health services to employees of corporate and government clients including Merck, Heinz and the U.S. Postal Service.

This unique background and perspective allows Dennis to help his clients think more creatively and strategically to achieve remarkable results. Dennis invites you to contact him anytime to discuss how Institute Of Respect can help you and your team lead and succeed at the highest level. To learn about his career highlights please review What Our Customers Say. References are available upon request.

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