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Work-life balance summit exclusive
to six dual career couples


Are you getting everything you want out of life or are you too stressed, too overwhelmed, and just too exhausted to truly enjoy yourself? Are you living your best life?
When it comes to professional life, your Millennial generation may be the first one to truly value purpose and social responsibility and not just a paycheck. I should know, as an executive coach for millennial business leaders like you, work-life balance is one of the top issues we discuss. Your generation wants it all — joyful and meaningful time with your family and an enriching career in an organization that appreciates you. You’re not going to sacrifice your personal, marital and family life for your job.

I created the BYLAWS program to help successful, dual income millennial couples gain keen insights on how to build, nurture and sustain the highest attainable level of balance, peace, and personal enjoyment in both life and work.
I’m confident you will leave the BYLAWS summit feeling connected, enthused and empowered as you and your partner embark together on a lifelong journey to achieve everything in life you deserve.

Imagine a life with more of this:

• Quality, stress-free time to spend alone with a spouse and together with children, friends and family
• Greater success at home and work by reducing stress and communication breakdowns

Less of this:

• Long hours
• Sleepless nights
• Stress from the office that follows you home
• Pressures from home that follow you back to the office


For dual-career couples that strive to have both gratifying careers and a fulfilling personal/family life, striking a balance can be exhausting—especially when ever-increasing job demands coincide with major life events, such as marrying, home ownership, and having children.
Unfortunately, millennials weren’t taught work-life balance in high school, college, or graduate school. And their Baby Boomer parents—who had little control over how and when they worked; many of whom waited until retirement to really live life—didn’t provide that role model.
I understand. And, that’s exactly why I created what may be the first and only workshop of its kind: BYLAWS.
BYLAWS is built upon a critical lesson they don’t teach you in MBA or PhD programs, or at leadership workshops: your greatest ally in life isn’t your boss, your mentor or the CEO—it’s your partner.
A healthy marriage supports an equally robust and prosperous work community. A positive and supportive partner can make your work more inspiring and purposeful. Homes and offices are integrated systems. When work-life pressures are in imbalance, both systems suffer. Conflict resolution in one system will benefit the other as well.
When you’re happier at home, you’re more productive at work. Everyone wins: you, your spouse, your children, your employer, your colleagues, and your customers.

Your BYLAWS Journey

1. Articulate your personal story
Every successful couple has core values and guiding principles that shape their foundation, yet few ever vocalize them or write them down. BYLAWS helps you to create a narrative of the reasons you are together, what the marriage means to you, and what your dreams are for the future—both as a couple and as business professionals.

2. Celebrate your highest selves
Deep down we know our greatest professional and personal strengths. At the summit, we share these strengths and become aware of how they carry us through tough times and fuel our ability to nourish others.

3. Define a healthy work/life balance formula
Before couples can assess how to live a balanced life, they need to agree on its meaning and form. On Day 2, each couple identifies what a healthy balance looks like for them.

4. Embrace the powers of compassion, appreciation, and kindness
Throughout the past 20 years, clients have often said that our work together has empowered them to become better spouses, business executives, supervisors, team members, parents, and civic leaders. BYLAWS illuminates how the same relationship skills we use with customers and work colleagues can also benefit our relationships with our life partners and family.

5. Build a work/life plan as powerful partners
Every marriage and business benefits from a plan driven by the principles and purpose that shape their essence. On the program’s last day, each couple will create a story specifying how they will integrate their marital, business, and family lives.

The BYLAWS program might be for you if any of these scenarios sound familiar:

At home:
• Your spouse asks what’s bothering you, and you reply, “I’d tell you but you just wouldn’t understand.”
• Your spouse is sick, so now on top of everything else, you need to get the kids to school, pick up a prescription,
and hit the grocery store—meanwhile, business doesn’t just stop in your absence, so unhappy clients and colleagues add to your pressure.
• As your career advances, the more money you make, the less time you have to spend with your partner and children.
• Even when you’re home, your mind is elsewhere; you’re mentally absent because of omnipresent business concerns.
At work:
• Your professional performance suffers due to distractions you feel in your home life.
• You can’t get home on time due to work conflicts, but your working spouse also needs to work late—now you argue about whose job matters more.
• Business conflicts tangle with marital ones because you operate a joint business or a shared workplace.

These are a few of the common conflicts we will explore, discuss, and collaborate to resolve during the three-day
BYLAWS Summit.

So, why fly to County Kerry, Ireland to resolve issues at home?

I chose this scenic location on purpose. It is a place of beauty and magic.
BYLAWS pulls you out of the daily grind and transports you in scenic County Kerry on Ireland’s southwest coast. Here, the mountains, deep forests, lakes and seaside views you see in the movies become the scene where you’ll get your life back in focus, back in balance, and back in harmony with your spouse.
Group dialogues, experiential learning, couple-focused work, sincere communication, and personal reflection are all part of the exclusive BYLAWS experience. Ample time will be set aside for couples to explore breathtaking area locations while seeking inner discoveries, sharing insights and inspiration, and listening to one another.

You CAN have it all...the work-life balance you seek IS achievable!

Instead of dreaming of the day when you’ll have everything you desire, jump off the hamster wheel and seize the day now. Enjoy a 30-minute consultation with me to discover if you are qualified to participate in the BYLAWS summit. Share your story, pain points, goals and expectations and gain insight into opportunities for finding the perfect balance.

I’m sure you and your partner will love the staggering beauty, mystique, and charm of County Kerry as much as I do. If you want to extend your stay after the workshop, we can help with that, too. Kerry with its ocean views, Gaelic-speaking fishing villages, beaches, and the largest mountains in Ireland, is the perfect location for couples to develop a healthy and meaningful work-life balance.
BYLAWS enrollment is $6,850 per couple. The BYLAWS program cost covers three days of lodging at the Cahernane House Hotel in Killarney. Also included are breakfast and lunch for three days. Dinner, airfare, and car rentals are not included.
Situated in lovely County Kerry, the Cahernane House Hotel is just a stone’s throw away from plenty of experiences to awaken the mind, body, and soul.

Consider planning extra time during your BYLAWS retreat to include any of the following experiences:
• Kerry County is home to the Wild Atlantic Way which is a series of connected hiking trails, covering 1,500 miles of Irish coastal wilderness along the rugged and beautiful west coast. This stretch of hiking trails boasts breathtaking views of sea cliffs and mountains, sand and surf, indescribable scenery and wildlife, plus local food, music, festivals, and culture.
• Killarney National Park: peace and serenity abound at the 26,000-acre park featuring enchanting mountains, lakes, woodlands, and waterfalls—everything you need for a natural reset.
• Castles, golf courses, and private, guided tours—depending on the duration of your stay, you can find dozens of activities and attractions to enjoy as you reconnect to life’s many adventures as a couple.

About Dennis Morris and Catherine Byrne
I lead the BYLAWS Summit from the library in the charming Cahernane Hotel. Throughout the experience, our special guest Catherine Byrne shares her wisdom and supports our work and dialogues. Here’s a glimpse of our stories:

Dennis Morris, CEO of the Institute of Respect, draws from 30 years of experience as a senior leader, executive coach, psychotherapist, marital therapist, mediator, and educator. Dennis helps his clients reframe how they think and act to achieve remarkable results both at work and at home. Developing inspiring, innovative leaders and partners is his passion. Dennis provides executive coaching to executives and managers to enable them to become exceptional leaders resulting in more meaningful, more collaborative—and more prosperous—relationships with clients and colleagues. He is a widower and the father of a millennial daughter, Caitlin Morris, who is a writer and family therapist. Dennis and Caitlin are coauthoring a handbook on leadership for millennial leaders called, So You Think You Can Lead. His millennial clients’ commitment to cultivate a balanced life inspired him to create BYLAWS to help them shape their futures and live their dreams.

Catherine Byrne is much more than an experienced workplace facilitator, negotiator, and mediator. She has a winning, inclusive personality and makes lasting friendships easily. She draws out the best from people, leaving them empowered to reflect on their own lives while focusing on what’s really important. Catherine has spent much of her life in the educational, cultural, and philanthropic landscape of Ireland. She is passionate about quality of living, love, culture and adventure. She believes that formally “Taking Stock” of what’s happening to you and your loved ones at critical milestones in life is the key to successful living.

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